Air Vapormax Plus White 924453-100

Product Code: ZAM-887092

  • Outside: synthetic materials and soft fabric in combination with an unsecured “carcass” (just like the legendary models of the end of the last century) - all for the sake of ease and comfort, because this is the hallmark of the model. Rubber pads in areas of increased load, to protect the sock from shock and fixation of the heel;
  • Inside: textile;
  • Sole: the classic sole was replaced by Air Vapormax technology - the cushioning insert attaches directly to the main upper part of the shoe, thereby providing full contact with the foot. This ensures maximum cushioning and springy effect at every step. After all, the load is transmitted directly from one of the many protrusions of the sole (reinforced by lining of durable rubber) through air cylinders to the foot and back. Thus, the load is ideally distributed due to the large number of independent cylinders. Ideal shoes for sports, running and walking;
  • Season: spring/summer/fall;
  • Country manufacturer: Vietnam.

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Air Vapormax Plus White 924453-100

  • Product Code: ZAM-887092

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