Nike TN white

Air Max Plus White DM2362-100

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Air Max Plus White DM2362-100

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Air Max Plus 3 White CW1417-100

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Air Max Plus 3 White CW1417-100

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Air Max TN Plus Just Do It Pack 862201-007

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Air Max TN Plus Just Do It Pack 862201-007

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Nike Air Max Plus TN Trainers White

The American Nike TN white sneaker is one of a range of athletic shoes for running, walking and casual use. Nike manufactures its products at a factory in Vietnam using advanced technology developed in the last century.

Sneakers Nike TN White

Buyers in Ukraine prefer sports shoes with versatile properties. Nike sneakers can be worn at the stadium, in the forest, on a city walk, to work. Trainers made of breathable textile and wear-resistant synthetic material are designed for any physical activity.

The design of white, original sneakers fell in love with most connoisseurs of sports products. The Nike TN White is an eye-catching and eye-catching form with a high sole and reliefs on the surface.

Advantages of white air-cushioned sneakers

The English abbreviation TN stands for Tuned Air, that is, the presence of air inserts in the shoe to cushion and facilitate running, walking, since compressed air efficiently accumulates energy and transfers it to the foot.

The main consumer properties of Nike shoes:

  • lightness of products. Sneakers are almost not felt on the leg;
  • external finishing material artificial leather and textiles;
  • breathable fabric inside the original sneakers;
  • the contact protector has a raised profile, and is beveled in the nose part for ease of movement when bending the leg;
  • a rubber pad is needed to prevent slipping on wet and icy surfaces;
  • white color of the surface is harmoniously combined with clothes of any color.

Acquisition of Nike shoes

In our online store for buyers in Ukraine, a wide range of Nike sports shoes is presented. Nike TN white designs are especially popular because the surface reflects the sun's rays in hot weather. In addition, the white color in the design helps create a stylish look for the wearer of the sneaker.

It is not difficult to order and buy a pair of sneakers on the website. After registration of the application, the package with original sneakers arrives at the “New mail” office in 1-2 days. Delivery is inexpensive and depends on the distance. There you can also try on Nike TN white and pay for goods by card or cash.

Why do Ukrainians choose Nike products?

The excellent quality of Nike products is known among buyers of sports goods all over the world and in Ukraine. Despite the popularity of the brand and the popularity of sneakers, the price of the product remains affordable for all consumer categories of Ukrainians. On our site, you can buy Nike TN white cheaply, since there are no irrational costs in the cost.