Nike Air Max 720 sneakers in purple

Air Max 720 Sunset AR9293-500

Air Max 720 Sunset AR9293-500

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New color scheme for branded sneakers

Each year, the Nike brand surprises fans of sports shoes with another novelty. Designers develop cross-country using advanced technology. Shoes have a chic design and a modern look. Nike Air Max 720 sneakers (purple) made a splash.

The combination of innovative achievements, as well as design, have ensured the model's worldwide success. Custom shape, bright purple, high sole immediately attracted the attention of the public. Original Nike sneakers are lightweight and sturdy, perfectly adapted for running.

Nike Air Max 720 Purple

Nike Air Max 720, Purple: Key Benefits

Crosses Nike Air Max 720 (purple) look quite airy and modern. A special effect is created by a large balloon in the sole, which visually enhances the shoes. This ensures comfort throughout the day, legs do not get tired.

A large amount of airy lightness in the platform evenly distributes the foot pressure on the sole. Thanks to this, the process of running or walking becomes very convenient. During movement, there are no strong differences in the roughness of the surface.

Designed mesh tabs inside and outside the top of the shoe hold shape. They help stabilize the foot in the middle, provide support at every step.

As the creators of the sneakers themselves admitted, when designing, they were inspired by the natural gamut. Bright natural color reminds the sky after sunset. Purple sneakers are a celebration for fashionistas.

Where to order a model cheaply

In our online store. You can buy Nike Air Max 720 crosses (purple) inexpensively. You will find only original shoes at a bargain price. To make a purchase you need:

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New sneakers are a revolutionary solution. Suitable for everyone who likes to play sports and lead an active lifestyle. The model is harmoniously combined with any clothes. Allows you to feel comfort both during rest and on the treadmill.