Nike Air Max 95 sneakers in pink

Air Max 95 PRM Barely Rose 807443-503

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Air Max 95 PRM Barely Rose 807443-503

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Nike Air Max 95 Pink - Classic Running

Nike Air Max 95 pink - a model that wins hearts. These crosses are worth it to pay attention to them. And it's not just a famous brand or an inexpensive price. The key role is played by the design, the latest technology used in sewing.

Although the prototype of pink shoes was released 30 years ago, this model continues to be at the peak of popularity. Its unique design attracts universal attention. Designers made sure that the couple retained their original appearance for a long time. They sewed crosses from combinations of three materials - suede, leather, special fabric. Therefore, it is very easy to clean and serves for a long time.

Nike Air Max 95 Pink

Nike Air Max 95 Pink: Benefits

The cheap original Nike Air Max 95 pinks are unlike any counterparts presented by modern companies. They really changed the whole paradigm of running shoes, giving her a name. Pink shoes inspire the owner with confidence in their abilities, capabilities. She makes running, exercising in the gym or walking for long distances a pleasant pastime.

Of the main advantages it is worth highlighting:

  • unique design. The sketch was made two years before the release of the model. But they were afraid to use it, since such a design was innovative. After that, the designers realized that this is the first and most important advantage of this shoe;
  • modern foot protection. The possibility of dislocations or sprains is completely excluded. Indeed, in the sole technology of foamed polypropylene is used. It evenly distributes the load on the foot from the heel to the toe;
  • thermoregulation. This is achieved thanks to the insole and inserts of "visible air". In the area of ​​the heel and toe there is a transparent interspersed with fine perforation. The foot will not steam even during long walks.

Sneakers not only help regulate the temperature of the legs, but also fix the foot.

How to pay for Nike Air Max 95 pink

Original pink crosses can be paid by credit card or cash. In the first case, you must enter the requested data on the site and select a delivery method. We work with the most famous postal operator in the country.

When paying in cash, you can choose the “cash on delivery” service that New Mail offers. Courier delivery in Ukraine is also possible. It remains only to choose the locality and the nearest branch.

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