Nike Air Max 97 Trainers In Gray

Air Max 97 OG QS Silver Bullet 884421-001

Product Code: ZAM-889706

Air Max 97 OG QS Silver Bullet 884421-001

1 999.00грн. 6 472.00грн. Ex Tax: 1 999.00грн.


Air Max 97 Silver Black AT5458-001

Product Code: ZAM-90015

Air Max 97 Silver Black AT5458-001

2 107.00грн. 2 873.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 107.00грн.


Air Max 97 Silver White AT5458-100

Product Code: ZAM-90016

Air Max 97 Silver White AT5458-100

2 031.00грн. 3 301.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 031.00грн.

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Nike Air Max 97 Gray - Classic Running

Nike Air Max 97 Grays is a continuation of the model of the end of the last century. They are popular due to tailoring technology, inexpensive price, unique design. Designers of the brand released really reliable shoes. She retains her original appearance for a long time.

A gray pair is sewn from a combination of three types of fabrics. Due to this pollution are repelled from shoes. They are quickly cleaned, therefore they remain for a long time as new. Unique interesting design attracts the attention of others. This is what contributes to the popularity of crosses. They are known all over the world, and this in reality does not raise any questions.

Nike Air Max 97 Gray

Nike Air Max 97 Gray: Distinctive Features

At a cost of Nike Air Max 95, grays are an order of magnitude higher than cheap fakes. Original quality is visible to the naked eye. The company made shoes that inspire confidence. Therefore, it is chosen by famous athletes and world stars. It is convenient to run, walk, engage in professional sports. She has several advantages. For instance:

  • a design that catches your eye. Gamma, consisting of even one color, looks diverse and bright. And also, it fits any clothes.
  • protective technologies. There are air capsules in the sole. They absorb gait or running, that is, distribute the load from the heel to the toe. This eliminates the possibility of dislocation, stretching.
  • excellent possibility of thermoregulation. A unique insole is used in tailoring. It absorbs sweat and moisture. Also in the case there is an insert called "visible air". It is located on the heel and toes and has small holes responsible for ventilation. Therefore, the foot does not sweat.

Their top is made rigid, it anatomically repeats the shape of the leg. Thus, the shoes do not fly off while running.

Delivery Nike Air Max 97 gray

Shoes are paid by credit card or cash. When delivered by New Mail, you can use the Cash on Delivery service or courier services. For this mail operator, delivery is quite inexpensive.

We offer courier delivery. In this case, you don’t even have to leave the house. Crosses will be delivered directly under the house or apartment door.

Where to order shoes

We offer to buy only the original Nike Air Max 97 gray. They will be an excellent addition to any wardrobe. You can leave a request on the site, indicating your phone numbers. After that, consultants will contact you. Contact, and after 2-3 days you can try on new shoes.