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Air Max Penny 1 Rival Pack 685153-600

Product Code: ZAM-9105

Air Max Penny 1 Rival Pack 685153-600

2 711.00грн. 4 201.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 711.00грн.


Air Max Penny Black White Red 685153-003

Product Code: ZAM-9104

Air Max Penny Black White Red 685153-003

2 659.00грн. 4 214.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 659.00грн.

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Nike Penny Trainers

The Nike Penny is designed by the company's top designers for famous American basketball players. It is in such shoes with a high silhouette that it is convenient to run and jump on the basketball court. But not only professional athletes liked the original crosses, but are also used by lovers of an active lifestyle in Ukraine and abroad.

Nike Penny sneakers

The American manufacturer has taken care of the convenience, safety, stylish design of the Nike Penny basketball for gyms and outdoor playing areas. Sneakers are popular among Ukrainian buyers of sports shoes. Each brand product has a complex of positive characteristics and properties. The ergonomics are tuned for an intense mode of physical activity in the game. The foot is securely fixed inside the shoe, which enhances the athlete's confidence in safety during sudden movements, jumping, and running fast.

The main material of the top of the product is genuine leather. The inner surfaces are lined with textiles. The insole is breathable and breathable. The Nike Penny outsole is made from polymer foam with compressed air inserts. Rubber outsole provides maximum traction.

Consumer properties of the model

Active sports like basketball require careful preparation. The main task is to collect a set of clothing and footwear suitable for physical activity. Original Nike sneakers are designed for professional and recreational sports.

The main characteristics and features of the model:

  • use of high-class materials - leather, textiles, polymers;
  • durable sole with cushioning effect;
  • impact absorption of the foot;
  • durability of all elements of the product;
  • functionality during the entire period of estimated operation;
  • effective lacing to achieve an ergonomic fit for the leg;
  • the presence of reflective inserts;
  • The embossed outsole contributes to safety, providing traction on any surface;
  • the tongue on the back side helps to put on shoes without any additional accessories;
  • the price is adequate to the quality of the product.

Purchase of Nike Penny sneakers

The online store works with customers online and offline. You can apply on the site at any time of the day. To order a purchase, fill out a short form with basic information:

  • model;
  • the size;
  • phone number;
  • New mail address;
  • surname and name of the customer.

Delivery is inexpensive, and the process itself takes no more than two days throughout the country. When visiting a post office, you have the opportunity to open a parcel, try on shoes, pay for goods - by card or in cash.

Why do Nike sneakers need an athlete?

It is impossible to seriously engage in sports at a professional or amateur level without special shoes. Nike is one of the world leaders in sporting goods. In our store, you can buy original American sneakers relatively cheaply, since there are no irrational trade margins in the cost.