Model description

Air Max sneakers are considered one of the most recognizable models in the world. This line is over 35 years old! So, what is hidden behind the phrase air max? It's simple - Air Max is the world's most famous shoe sole cushioning technology. In general terms, it all boils down to the presence of a hidden or visually visible air balloon in the sole, designed to absorb the load during walking and running, creating the effect of a spring-shock absorber. Please note that this technology is widely used in different models of shoes, sometimes no balloon is visible from the outside, but it can be hidden inside the outsole. Although, as a rule, all sneakers referred to as Air Max imply the presence of a visually noticeable balloon in the sole, and this is, you must agree, the most popular models for decades. We've all heard airmax sneakers, while many do not even know what this means.

Air Max 90

At the head of all Air Max, the Air Max 90 sneaker can rightly be placed. This is the most popular sneaker with an air capsule in the heel in the heel. Initially, the model was conceived as a running shoe, but it is still popular today as just a shoe for every day. First of all, thanks to the comfort. In addition, the air max 90 sneakers are very versatile, they have a wide range of colors and materials - from leather and textiles to suede or moisture resistant models. There are winter Sneakerboot Air Max 90 models. In general, the Air Max 90 can be described as a classic - here you have a wide choice of colors / materials, versatility in terms of seasonality (from winter to summer), incredible reliability, sturdy sole, the balloon is protected from puncture and the sneakers themselves can be combined with any wardrobe.

Air Max 95/97

The next step in the development of Max Air technology can be considered sneakers Air Max 95 and Air Max 97. The new models received a shock absorber insert not only under the heel, but along the entire length of the sole. In addition, new structured lacing technology, a low profile ankle collar, reinforced toe caps, and heel locks all say one thing, the Air Max 95 and Air Max 97 are sportier. Yes, running in these shoes has become even more comfortable. But again 25, all over the world, youth and adults, girls and men use air max 95 or 97 sneakers, often as just casual shoes.

Otherwise, this line was a logical continuation of the 90s, everything that was not improved was borrowed from its predecessor, so all the odes about the incredible reliability and comfort of the Air Max 90 sneakers are relevant in relation to the 95/97 models. And the main difference between 97 and 95, in general, was a slight change in the overall silhouette of the shoe and the fact that in the 97s an even more extensive air insert appeared without division across the entire sole area. It was the first sneaker to be fully housed on an air balloon, visible from all angles.

As for models such as Air Max Plus or Air Max TN Plus - as a rule, this is a continuation of some more common Air Max model with design changes. So, the Air Max TN Plus is a cross between the light Air Max 270 and the classic 97s, but still not a vapormax. In other words, this is a lightweight model, both in weight and seasonal purpose, but with a full air cylinder.

Air Max 270

As for the newer models, the first such is the Air Max 270. It is noteworthy that when developing the Air Max 270 sneakers, the main emphasis was placed on making shoes comfortable in the first place in everyday life. If earlier Air Max was somehow “sharpened” by developers initially for sports, then 270 models, on the contrary, focused on everyday use.

And here is what an interesting pun can be seen - initially "sports" Air Max 90 sneakers fell in love with the public for every day, and initially "everyday" Air Max 270 - can be found in every gym. By the way, this model is really very, very comfortable in everyday life, but, nevertheless, the wider mass prefers to play sports in them too. And let's be realistic - sneakers perfectly fulfill both functions. The main characteristic feature of the 270 sneakers is a light textile construction, low weight, the presence of an extensive balloon in the heel area, as if "instructed" in the overall construction of the shoe (at one time the balloon was the tallest in the world), bright colors. And then - comfort, comfort and more comfort!

Air Vapormax / Vapormax Plus

When talking about revolutionary sneaker technology, the first thing that comes to mind is Vapormax technology. The classic outsole is replaced by Air Vapormax technology - a cushioning insert attaches directly to the main upper of the shoe, thereby providing full contact with the foot. This achieves maximum shock absorption and a springy effect with every step. After all, the load is transmitted directly from one of the many outsole projections (reinforced with durable rubber pads) through air cylinders to the foot and back. Thus, the load is perfectly distributed thanks to the large number of independent cylinders. Ideal footwear for sports, running and long walks. Air Vapormax sneakers are already a real sports equipment, especially when it comes to running. There is a heel lock, fully integrated laces that wrap around the foot from the foot and heel when tightened, and a wide range of materials - from moisture-resistant models to lightweight flyknit options. The Air Vapormax Plus has a more striking design. They can be called more civilian, synthetic materials and soft fabric in combination with an unfixed "frame" (just like the legendary models of the end of the last century) - all for the sake of lightness and comfort, because this is the model's business card. Rubber pads in areas of increased stress to protect the toe from impacts and fix the heel. In general, there is no fundamental difference between these models - you can make a choice based only on aesthetic beliefs and tastes.

Air Max 720

The Air Max 720 is a new era in shoe cushioning technology. This is the first model to feature the entire midsole in a balloon. This is the first model where such a cylinder is completely in contact with the road surface (note - the 97th was the progenitor for the air max 720. But the air Max 97 models clearly show the separation of the cylinder from the ground with a dense rubber outsole). Moreover, it is also the model with the highest air insert in the world, now the record no longer belongs to model 270. Speaking about the purpose of such sneakers - according to the idea of ​​the developers, the shoes were completely created for the most comfortable everyday use - well, we can state with confidence, the goal achieved.

Is this model suitable for sports activities? Certainly! As for reliability - here, too, the engineers took care of everything, do not worry about the safety of the cylinder, the outsole materials are very durable, the weight distribution is thought out to the smallest detail, it is enough not to step on sharp objects that are openly sticking out of the ground, for example screws / nails - and your cylinder is not in danger absolutely nothing!

Obviously, we have not touched on all models called Air Max, we talked only about the most famous, popular and recognizable Airmax sneakers. At the same time, all the aforementioned shoe models are the foundation of any other airmax. Many lines have a logical continuation, submodels, and so on. But, often, a specific model from among the above is taken as a basis, mixed with new design, materials, some technologies, and so on.