Nike Air Max 97 Women's Sneakers Black

Air Max 97 Silver Black AT5458-001

Product Code: ZAM-90015

Air Max 97 Silver Black AT5458-001

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Air Max 97 Black Metallic Gold AT5458-002

Product Code: ZAM-90014

Air Max 97 Black Metallic Gold AT5458-002

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Air Max 97 All Over Print Black AR4259-001

Product Code: ZAM-889708

Air Max 97 All Over Print Black AR4259-001

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Crosses in black from a brand manufacturer for lovely ladies

Nike Air Max 97 women (black) are distinguished by quality and cushioning properties. Analogues of the cult line cannot be found. Shoes were once designed specifically for playing basketball. Now it is a practical model for everyday wear. The dark color on the female sophisticated leg is attractive. After all, this is a classic that emphasizes your elegance. Do you need lightweight athletic shoes without any discomfort? This model is what you need.

Nike Air Max 97 Women's Black

Original black Nike from a global brand: features

Nike Air Max 97 (female, black) amazes at first sight with its shape. How aesthetically correct design and design are maintained. Smooth, wavy lines on the outside of the frame add sophistication to the pair.

Any outfit can be matched to black. Especially when it comes to ladies wardrobe. In crosses it is convenient to jump, run, walk for hours. You can not worry about fatigue, pain in the legs. All thanks to the creators. They did everything to ensure that in such crosses the delicate female leg was not subject to dynamic loads or injuries.

Model Nike Air Max (women, black) is:

  1. Special design. Repeats the anatomical structure of the foot. There is no discomfort while wearing.
  2. Universal outsole. There are air capsules inside. Double the cushioning effect. Injuries, stretch marks are excluded.
  3. Strong nose. High-quality leather provides increased abrasion resistance.

Good fixation in the ankle area prevents the foot from slipping out while running or jumping.

Do you want an original pair of fashionable sneakers? Where in Ukraine can I buy them cheaply? You definitely come to us.

Order Nike Air Max 97: Women, Black

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