Women's Shoes sneakers Nike Air Max 97 pink

Air Max 97 TN Plus Racer Pink AH8143-600

Product Code: ZAM-889717

Air Max 97 TN Plus Racer Pink AH8143-600
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/racer_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_tn_plus_racer_pink_ah8143_600_4-500x500.jpg

1 747.00грн. 2 657.00грн. Ex Tax: 1 747.00грн.


Air Max 97 Premium Pink 917646-600

Product Code: ZAM-889720

Air Max 97 Premium Pink 917646-600
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/premium_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_premium_pink_917646_600_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/premium_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_premium_pink_917646_600_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/premium_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_premium_pink_917646_600_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/premium_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_premium_pink_917646_600_4-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/premium_pink/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_premium_pink_917646_600_3-500x500.jpg

1 868.00грн. 2 664.00грн. Ex Tax: 1 868.00грн.


Air Max 97 GS Pink White 313054-161

Product Code: ZAM-889721

Air Max 97 GS Pink White 313054-161
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/pink_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_gs_pink_white_313054_161_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/pink_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_gs_pink_white_313054_161_4-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/pink_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_gs_pink_white_313054_161_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/pink_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_gs_pink_white_313054_161_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax97/pink_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_97_gs_pink_white_313054_161_5-500x500.jpg

1 973.00грн. 3 301.00грн. Ex Tax: 1 973.00грн.

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Pink euphoria in stylish sport shoes

Nike Air Max 97: women's pink - which of the girls just did not dream of such sports shoes. Delicate, pretty, marshmallow-colored crosses beckon with their uniqueness. Design in a restrained style. No catchy elements. The side part is trimmed with smooth, wavy lines. The Nike brand logo is also located there. The original sole only complements the truly female model. Would you like to play sports? Need sports shoes for walking? Want to look great at a party? Not a problem if there is a Nike Air Max 97 for women (pink) in the wardrobe.

Nike Air Max 97 Women's Pink

Features of the women's Nike Air Max 97 sneakers in pink

Crosses are suitable for summer, autumn and spring time of the year. Wear-resistant leather will keep shoes in perfect condition for more than one year. Wear Nike under the dress, shorts, skirts, jeans, trousers. In any case, you will look elegant.

Thanks to innovative developments, the shoes of the world famous company are only being improved every year. Today the model has:

  1. Original depreciation system. Rubber outsole with air balloons reduces the load on the spine.
  2. Soft textile lining. Inside, comfort is provided to the legs, and a breathable insole prevents sweating.
  3. Internal lacing and low side. Better ankle fixation.

Pink crosses are lightweight, which is not felt at all on the leg. Hurry to buy a female couple cheaply today. To feel all the charms of wearing a cult ruler.

Order Nike Air Max 97: Women's Pink

You can buy quality shoes cheaply with us. We work only with trusted suppliers. No fakes. For this:

  • select model and size;
  • add the product to the basket;
  • fill out the application.

There is an option to do this through a consultant. Request a call back. Or call the phone number listed on the site. You can receive the goods in 2-3 days at the New Post office. Order home delivery. Then Nike Air Max 97 women (pink) will bring the courier.

The price of shoes corresponds to quality. Do not look for a cheap supplier in Ukraine. Buy a fashionable pair only on trusted sites.