Nike React Women's

React Element 87 Black Neptune Green AQ1090-005

Product Code: ZAM-9136

React Element 87 Black Neptune Green AQ1090-005

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React Element 87 Sail Light Bone AQ1090-100

Product Code: ZAM-9133

React Element 87 Sail Light Bone AQ1090-100

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Nike React trainers for women

The original Nike React women's sneakers from the American company are produced in the countries of Southeast Asia. The goods enter the Ukrainian market directly from the factory through reliable suppliers. The main feature of Nike React technology is that the shoe in motion has an amazing property - it radically softens the impact of the foot on the surface and quickly return to its original shape after a sharp compression.

Nike React Women's

The outsole is a talented foam designed by Nike. Several years have passed from technology generation to mass production. Today, the Nike React shoes for women and men are known throughout the world among professional athletes and runners. A model for sports was created, but the fashion for running original sneakers came into everyday life.

The design of the women's sneaker differs in color from the traditional men's sneaker in black, gray or white. The combination in one product of 2 or even 3 colors with shades is a sign of feminine style in design. Technologically, women's sneakers are no different from men's products and have all the properties of a running shoe. Girls and ladies buy Nike React for women to play sports, run in the park and forest, walk in nature or in the park. You can often see Nike women's shoes just on the streets or in the office.

Features and benefits of the model

A well-known and popular brand produces a quality product in the highest sense of the word. Worldwide success has been won in competition with German and Asian companies.

The main properties of sneakers:

  • functionality. The products correspond to their intended use during the entire estimated service life. The usual wear period is several years with proper care;
  • soft shock absorption to help the athlete in walking and running;
  • the elasticity of the foam sole;
  • small everything, which is almost not felt on the leg, since the sneakers are made of light textiles, and the bottom is made of foam;
  • the insole allows air to pass freely;
  • the heel is securely fixed, but without the effect of rubbing the skin;
  • the loop from the webbing makes it easy to put on the shoes without additional devices;
  • rubber pad on the contact surface prevents slipping even on wet or icy roads;
  • the price of all varieties by design is available to buyers even with small incomes.

How to buy sneakers?

The product can be ordered and inexpensively purchased directly on the website. It is enough to go to the application page and fill out the form. From the store the goods are sent to the nearest branch of "New mail". Delivery will be completed in 1-2 days, and crosses can be tried on and paid for.

Why have Nike sneakers?

It is impossible to go in for sports, exercise, sports or light jogging without special shoes. American sports products have such a set of properties, advantages and benefits that it is difficult not to agree to a purchase. In addition, it is possible to buy branded goods so cheaply only on a specialized website.