Women's Shoes sneakers Nike Air Max 270 black

Air Max 270 Triple Black AH8050-005

Product Code: ZAM-881030

Air Max 270 Triple Black AH8050-005
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_triple_black_ah8050_005_4-500x500.jpg

2 863 грн 4 023 грн Ex Tax: 2 863 грн


Air Max 270 Black White AH8050-002

Product Code: ZAM-881028

Air Max 270 Black White AH8050-002
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/black_white/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_black_white_ah8050_002_4-500x500.jpg

2 850 грн 4 989 грн Ex Tax: 2 850 грн


Air Max 270 Black Multi-Color AH8050-023

Product Code: ZAM-881044

Air Max 270 Black Multi-Color AH8050-023
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3484-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3485-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3486-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3487-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3488-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/270/blackmulti-color/3489-500x500.jpg

2 567 грн 4 979 грн Ex Tax: 2 567 грн


Air Max 270 South Beach BV6078-400

Product Code: ZAM-881039

Air Max 270 South Beach BV6078-400
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/south_beach/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_south_beach_bv6078_400_4-500x500.jpg

2 667 грн 4 989 грн Ex Tax: 2 667 грн


Air Max 270 CI2309-001

Product Code: ZAM-881015

Air Max 270 CI2309-001
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax/have_a_nike_day/krossovki_nike_air_max_270_have_a_nike_day_ci2309_001_4-500x500.jpg

2 849 грн 4 989 грн Ex Tax: 2 849 грн

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Nike Air Max 270 Women's Black Sneakers

Create a low-key casual look, a casual sporty or extravagant street style with the Nike Air Max 270 Women's Black. This series of crosses is positioned as universal models for active urban life. Black shoes harmoniously combine with outfits in bright or muted colors. There are models with contrasting color inserts: pink, blue, white, etc. Wear sneakers under the dress, jeans, leggings, shorts and each time get a new look.

Reasons to buy Nike Air Max 270 Women's Black

Nike Air Max 270 Womens Black

This line is the “heir” of the classic airmaks of the 90s. In a modern interpretation of crosses, Nike brand designers used 270 degrees of visible air in the heel area. As a result, the shoes received a memorable appearance and even more improved cushioning qualities. The shape of the sole of the sneakers resembles a springboard, which is convenient for everyday active wear, as foot load is reduced.

And this is not all the airmax chips:

  • “Breathable” mesh at the top - Mesh's proprietary fabric consists of cells of various sizes, providing constant air circulation. The fibers of the material are anti-allergenic, which means they do not cause irritation and redness on the skin.
  • Durable and lightweight foam at the bottom - the sole with a shock-absorbing balloon gently "springs" on any surface, evenly distributing the load on the foot. Original Nike crosses are ideal for daily wear, use for long walks, long hiking trips.
  • Asymmetric lacing is an unusual design touch and at the same time a practical element that provides reliable fixation of Nike shoes on the foot. Elastic lacing evenly distributes pressure in the upper region, while preventing the foot from “hanging out” in sneakers.

In the original Nike crosses in black, you can go beyond the gym by going to a fashionable get-together or studying. Comfort while walking or running, practicality and durability in a sock Nike Air Max 270 women's black are guaranteed.

We order cheap Nike Air Max 270 women's black

In our online store there are special, reduced prices for Nike shoes. We do not offer cheap to purchase low-quality copies, only original sneakers with discounts of 30%, 40%, 50%.

Making a purchase request is simple:

  • order a call through the online form by entering your phone number, our consultants will call you back;
  • choose the size of Nike sneakers, click on “Quick order”, enter the phone number and confirm the purchase by clicking “Buy”;
  • send the selected models in black or other shades to the "Basket", fill in the necessary data and complete the order.

We organize shopping delivery to any corner of Ukraine. Order transportation takes 2 - 3 days. Payment can be made after receiving and trying on the sneakers. Pay in cash or by card at the New Post office, to the courier.

Order Nike Air Max 270 women's black to look and feel 100% in comfortable and fashionable shoes. Contact our online store.