Women's Shoes sneakers Nike Air Max 90 white

Air Max 90 Leather White 302519-113

Product Code: ZAM-889091

Air Max 90 Leather White 302519-113
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/leatherwhite/krossovki_nike_air_max_90_leather_white_302519_113_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/leatherwhite/krossovki_nike_air_max_90_leather_white_302519_113_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/leatherwhite/krossovki_nike_air_max_90_leather_white_302519_113_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/leatherwhite/krossovki_nike_air_max_90_leather_white_302519_113_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/leatherwhite/krossovki_nike_air_max_90_leather_white_302519_113_6-500x500.jpg

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Air Max 90 White CQ2560-100

Product Code: ZAM-889910

Air Max 90 White CQ2560-100
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/7-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/12-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/8-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/11-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/9-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/white/10-500x500.jpg

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Air Max 90 Lucky Charms White Metallic Gold DH0569-100

Product Code: ZAM-889097

Air Max 90 Lucky Charms White Metallic Gold DH0569-100
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2184-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2185-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2187-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2186-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2188-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax90/luckycharmswhitemetallicgold/2189-500x500.jpg

3 617 грн 5 545 грн Ex Tax: 3 617 грн

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Nike Air Max 90 Women's White Sneakers

Classic, not out of fashion, since the 90s - cult airmaks. Nike Air Max 90 Women's White - a successful combination of "fresh" appearance, proprietary technology and ultra-comfort. Women's cross-country snow-white shade will decorate any image. These Nike shoes are appropriate both on the treadmill and when walking with friends. Beautiful and elegant white sneakers look great, both with romantic dresses, and with a trench jeans or tight leggings.

Nike Air Max 90 Womens White

Main Chips Nike Air Max 90 Women's White

Retro style is actively traced in this series: stitched leather lining in the upper part, accents of thermoplastic polyurethane on the sole, clear lines of silhouette. At the same time, Nike brand designers did not miss an important detail - the presence of an air balloon in the heel area. All this turns the white shade models into modern shoes with nostalgic "notes" of the 90s.

What is the difference between airmax 90:

  • Lightweight foam sole - has a visible cushioning unit in the form of a transparent insert with an air cylinder. Rubber outsole with a classic “waffle” pattern prevents slipping on the surface, is characterized by wear resistance and durability.
  • “Breathable” monofilament on the front of the shoe - in addition to using genuine leather in the original crosses, there are also small mesh inserts for better breathability. Nike sneakers are comfortable in any weather: hot or cool. Seasonality of women's shoes is universal.
  • Textile insole - soft fabric tactilely pleasant to the body, does not cause irritation and redness, due to the breathability of the textile, the foot inside Nike crosses does not face a “greenhouse” effect.

Nike Air Max 90 women's white has a low profile and soft sides that provide comfort while wearing original shoes. The air balloon in the heel zone is responsible for unsurpassed depreciation.

Where to order Nike Air Max 90 Women's White

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  • make a call through the form on the website and wait for the call of our consultant;
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We provide delivery to any locality in Ukraine in 2 - 3 days. Payment is made after unpacking, inspecting and trying on Nike crosses at the Novaya Poshta branch. You can use the services of the courier of the carrier company and receive the parcel at any place convenient for you.

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