Women's Shoes sneakers Nike Air Max 95 white

Air Max 95 White 609048-109

Air Max 95 White 609048-109
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/white/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_white_609048_109_4-500x500.jpg

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Snow-white idyll for any look

Do you want to keep up with fashion trends? Have you been looking for discreet, comfortable sports shoes for a long time? Buy Nike Air Max 95 (Women, White). Suitable for hiking or sports. White color is a classic. It is combined with any clothes from a female wardrobe. Skirts, dresses, trousers, shorts - all this looks spectacular with an urban cross design. Incredibly comfortable shoes give a feeling of comfort in any weather. Get a cheap sports pair from the latest Nike collection.

Nike Air Max 95 Women's White

Differences Nike Air Max 95: women, white

Aggressive sports silhouette. Save in them femininity under the strength of each. The model was developed taking into account the anatomical features of the female foot. External material - natural suede or leather. Provide wear resistance and durability of shoes. There are textile inserts inside, and good ventilation helps keep your feet dry.

Nike Air Max 95: women, white have:

  • Anatomical insole - helps to distribute the load on the foot. Thus, even with prolonged wear, you will not feel discomfort, pain or fatigue;
  • sole (created by Max Air technology) - protects from any irregularities, stones, etc. A chamber with compressed air is inserted into the thickness of the sole. This feature provides the best cushioning for the pair.

Women's crosses in white - for every day. Fatigue, high dynamic loads are not terrible for the original Nike brand shoes. Wear sneakers for work, flaunt them on the street, check for durability during long walks. Convenience, comfort and unrivaled appearance - guaranteed.

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