Women's Shoes sneakers Nike Air Max 95 black

Air Max 95 Triple Black 609048-092

Air Max 95 Triple Black 609048-092
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_6-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_5-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/triple_black/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_triple_black_609048_092_4-500x500.jpg

2 359.00грн. 3 099.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 359.00грн.


Air Max 95 QS Platinum Black Grey 814914-001

Air Max 95 QS Platinum Black Grey 814914-001
https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/qs_platinum_black_grey/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_qs_platinum_black_grey_814914_001_1-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/qs_platinum_black_grey/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_qs_platinum_black_grey_814914_001_3-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/qs_platinum_black_grey/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_qs_platinum_black_grey_814914_001_2-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/qs_platinum_black_grey/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_qs_platinum_black_grey_814914_001_4-500x500.jpg https://airmax.in.ua/image/cache/catalog/airmax95/qs_platinum_black_grey/krossovki_nike_air_max_95_qs_platinum_black_grey_814914_001_5-500x500.jpg

2 657.00грн. 3 299.00грн. Ex Tax: 2 657.00грн.

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Nike Air Max 95 Women's Black Sneakers

Stylish striped top, transparent “air” inserts in the sole, breathable materials - these are the black Nike Air Max 95 women’s. In ultramodern sneakers, designers tried not to deviate from the legendary silhouette of the airmaxes, at the same time taking into account new-fangled trends in the world of sports shoes. As a result, women of fashion can buy women's crosses with a non-trivial design and excellent cushioning properties. It is convenient to walk, run, play and train in them. At the same time, Nike sneakers are a fashionable highlight of any look.

Nike Air Max 95 Women's Black

Pros Nike Air Max 95 Women's Black

When creating the series, Nike brand designers were inspired by the features of the human body: a flexible spine - the sole of the shoe, strong muscles - contrasting inserts, ribs - elastic lacing. These are low crosses created for running and everyday wear.

In airmaks 95 everything is thought out for the comfort of users:

  • Mesh inserts in the upper part - are responsible for thermoregulation. Thanks to them, Nike leather crosses are comfortable in the warm summer-spring season or cool autumn weather.
  • Air capsules on the sole - located in the toe and heel area. The cushioning inserts ensure that in the Nike Air Max 95 lungs, women's blacks can be conveniently moved around on a flat, bumpy or any other surface.
  • Rubber outsole - located at the bottom of the sole. Responsible for excellent adhesion to the surface, prevents slipping in Nike women's shoes.
  • Foam insole - supports the heel well, reduces the impact of shock and vibration, creating maximum comfort during active movements. A durable insole that effectively wicks moisture away while providing dryness inside the original Nike sneaker.

In Airmax 95, the brand logo was moved from the usual side position to the back of the sneakers. Swoosh is applied to a strip contrasting with the main black color. Another recognizable design element is the neat lacing loops on the top of Nike shoes. Sneakers reliably hold the foot, providing support and minimizing the risk of stretching or bruising during running, jumping, walking.

Nike Air Max 95 Women's black: order cheap

The catalog of our online stores presents original Nike crosses from size 36 to 45. We offer a low cost to order a branded pair, choosing a model at a discount. We reduce the price of all women's sneakers in black and other colors from our catalog.

You can apply for a purchase in one of the ways:

  • order a call using the form on the site;
  • Click “Quick order” in the product card;
  • place the crosses of the desired size in the "Basket".

We organize delivery in 2 - 3 days to any corner of Ukraine. When ordering before 2:30 p.m. we ship the goods every day. You can pay for the purchase at the Novaya Pochta branch or transfer it to the courier of the transport company. You can pre-inspect and try on Nike shoes.

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