Nike Air Max 97 Women's Shoes

Air Max 97 GS Pink White 313054-161

Product Code: ZAM-889721

Air Max 97 GS Pink White 313054-161

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Air Max 97 Silver White AT5458-100

Product Code: ZAM-90016

Air Max 97 Silver White AT5458-100

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Legendary women's white sneakers in a new look: Nike Air Max 97 Series

White sneakers became the basis of women's wardrobe in the warm season. They combine a fashionable look with the comfort of movement. Originality to models is added by waves. Stylish cross-country Nike Air Max 97 off white buy for versatility. Models retained their classic features. Got shock absorbing outsole over the entire length of the sole.

Transparent Air-Sole inserts emphasize the extraordinary design. Light and comfortable cross-country racing designed for running. But they are very popular in everyday wear. Nike Air Max 97 women (white) does not constrain movements. They give absolute freedom of action. The soft sole is springy at every step. Legendary decorative elements add character design. Sneakers can be worn:

Nike Air Max 97 Women's White
  • for a run;
  • to the gym;
  • for going to nature;
  • long walks around the city.

White color goes well with other shades. Female models of the Air Max 97 series are made of wear-resistant materials. Cross-country running is very light. Mesh web inserts provide heat transfer. Shoes provide convenience throughout the day.

Why do girls choose white sneakers line Air Max 97

First and foremost, Nike brand shoes embody comfort. Couples are reliable, with original design elements. Inlays, overlays and reflective design components add vibrant notes. Wavy lines have become the key to the popularity of models. The simplicity of the lines and the new additions made women's cross-country races versatile.

Nike Air Max 97 off white you can buy for different tasks. They are chosen for the following reasons:

  1. The top is made of genuine leather.
  2. Interior trim and insole add softness to every step.
  3. Sneakers fit perfectly on your feet.
  4. Lightweight foam outsole.
  5. The one-piece Max Air insert has cushioning properties.

Rubber outsole provides reliable traction on artificial tracks. Stable on unpaved surfaces. Lacing and heel structure provide a comfortable fit sneakers to the legs. The inserts support the foot. The pressure is distributed evenly, returning a charge of energy from each step.

Nike Air Max 97 sneakers for women (white) are easy to combine with skirts, trousers, shorts or other elements of clothing. A bold design will add audacity to your everyday look. The lightness of the model will add confidence to the gait.

How to order original Nike cross-country cross-country shoes in white

Our online store sells branded Nike shoes in Ukraine. Original women's Nike Air Max 97 off white sneakers are easy to buy. In the online catalog, select a model. Choose the right size. The table shows the corresponding foot length. Fill out an application. Managers will call you back to clarify the details of the order.

Shoe delivery takes about 2-3 days. You can pay for your purchase immediately. Or after inspection and fitting. Delivery is made to the service department. Or by courier at the specified address.

Place your orders for Nike Air Max 97 Women's Stylish Couples (White). Feel true lightness and comfort.